We are in Lindlar since Sunday :)

We are in Lindlar since Sunday :)

The German-French-Polish ewoca³ projekt “The Four Elements – Building blocks of living and survival, local and global” takes place in Lindlar and Cologne, from the 28th of June to the 12th of July 2015.

marmor-brunnen06 08826 participants (7 from Germany, 10 from France, and 9 from Poland) take part in the project.

This project is about workshops and group activities, but also about meeting new people from different countries (France, Germany, Poland) and to get to know the cultures of the different countries.

marmor-brunnen06 138

marmor-brunnen06 136

Together with the participants from the different countries, we work on building raised beds, insect hotels and solar showers. The workshops take place at the Don-Bosco-Club in Cologne Mulheim.

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Group activities take place in Lindlar and Cologne.

sroda (44)

sroda (31)


A quote from Saski, 17 years, from Cologne: 

When I arrived in Lindlar, I just thought: “What a boring small village…”. I was tired and wanted to lie down in my room. In the evening all of us were sitting in a circle in order to get to know one another. We got an exercise to communicate with our hand and feet. P1040125Later, after we knew each other a little better, we communicated in French, Polish and German, which we learned together with the team members. The following days were quite interesting, we did a lot of laughing and playing with the other participants.

A quote from Celina, 17 years, from Cologne: 

This is my first time at an ewoca³ project. When I arrived here in Lindlar and saw and heard the participants from the other countries (France, Poland) I wasn’t able to understand them, and thought by myself, how should I ever communicate with them. But after a few days, we understood the French and the Polish very well and we laughed a lot and played together.P1040021

We are looking forward to the next days, waiting for us!!!

written by:

Daniel 16 years old, from Cologne
André 23 years old, from Cologne

Ready, steady, GO!

The preparation was long and, sometimes, hard and no fun at all (look at the video!)..

..but now here we are, just on time for the beginning of the ewoca³ season, we’d like to wish you all, trainers and participants (and also the people around the various projects), a lot of success, wonderful memories and meaningful experiences!

Thanks for your effort, commitment and energy! :)

Your rainbow-coloured ewoca³ team

ewoca³ – workcamps 2015: Let’s get started!!!

Dear ewocis, :D

we are nearly there: The first ewoca³ workcamp 2015 with guests from Estonia and Lithuania will start this weekend in Oberhausen. Directly after that follows Cologne, together with France and Poland. We at the IBB are looking forward to an exciting summer (and autumn) with lots of great projects and especially to your reports. You are very much welcome to blog as much as you like: Whether videos, photos or exciting reports, with out ewoca³ Live blog you can tell all the other camps, and of course also your friends at home, what is going on.

This year, we here at the ewoca³ headquarters, at the IBB office in Dortmund, have an additional request. We are often asked, whether youths are actually interested in Europe. And we then answer: “Of course, after all they take part in a project like ewoca³!” But that usually is not the end of it, those people then want to know what young people think about Europe specifically. Well, and then we have a lot less to say, as we have not talked about Europe or about other countries in Europe with all of you.

And so our request for all ewocis 2015:

So that it won’t always be us, who explain to people what the ewoca³ youths think about Europe, or do not think about it, please tell them yourself, here in our ewoca³ Live blog. Do you have an opionion on Europe? What does solidarity, that is the connection with each other and standing in for each other, in Europe? Are there some things in Europe, which perhaps could be improved in the future?

If you find a few minutes of time at your camps to talk about this, and you could post a short text about this, we would really like this a lot, and we say THANK YOU in advance! In the end, we can then make a quick summary of this and publish it.

But we also wish you a totally fantastic summer and great projects! We will read from you or see you at one camp or the other.

Your ewoca³ headquarters ;)

This is us testing the Blog

This is us testing the Blog


we are currently in the ‘Train the Trainer’ Programme in Hattingen. Part of it is of course learning how to use the Blog, missing the beautiful weather ;)

We will update you soon with more informations about the Partners in Leverkusen and Oulu. Rome has already uploaded a post with an introduction.

We are now really looking forward to the Work Camp this Summer in Leverkusen (17. July – 31. July 2015)!

See you.

Ewoca Train the Trainer

Ewoca Train the Trainer

Hello Everyone!

This is our first day at the Train the Trainer program in Hattingen, Germany.  Almost all of us arrived yesterday and we had some time to get to know each other before the program officially started.

We are now warming up to the program and to the topics that we will discuss in the next few days. Until now I`ve met many interesting people, the program started with a great atmosphere: people here are open to new friendships, are interested in learning and sharing experiences and helping each other learn.

The energy here at the youth centre is positive, and our trainer group is constantly preparing new, fun challenges for us!

I have the posibility to facilitate a warm-up activity tomorrow for our group, and I´m very excited about it!

We will keep you updated about the program here, and our preparations for the camps this year!

Gabriella, Romania


..guess who? :)

..guess who? :)

Hello everybody,

we are happy to open this blog with a game. We are the Italian ewoca team and we are preparing ourselves to go to Leverkusen in July. We have decided to introduce our group with a sort of quiz: we have written a few words about us in an anonymous way. To help you, we put clues in the picture above. Can you guess who are we?

Hello! I’m Francesca, I’m 18 years old and I love language, music, drawing and sometimes I like reading! I’d really like to travel all over the world especially Asia and learning as many languages as possible. I hate stereotypes and prejudices!

Hi! I’m Rebecca, I live in Rome, I love animals,but in particular cats and owls. I would like to study biology at university and i would like to work with the police for the crime scene investigation. I like to eat chocolate ice-cream watching TV series about crimes.

Hi! I’m Marco and i’m 22 years old. I like Rock Music,Cinema.In my free time i like to play the guitar,watch movies(alone or with friends), read a book, go out for a walk. I would like to continue working on a musical field. I don’t like the arrogance, and the politics.

Hello there! I’m Gloria and I’m 18 years old. I live with my mother, my brother and my little dog. I love listening music, especially Lana Del Rey, and reading books: one of my favourite ones is Lolita. I also like watching TV series and animes. In my free time one of my favourite things to do is taking walks. One of my favourite color is black, but I’m an happy person.

Hello ! I’m Hiago  and i’m 18 years old . I live with my mother, my dad and my grandma. I have a big passion for cinema and choir ; my big dream is to become an actor . I really love the summer and the swimming pool

I’m Francesco, I’m 22 years old and i really like sports, music and arts. People use to think that i was born somewhere in the northern part of Europe, so sometimes i pretend to be a british or a russian guy just to confuse them. Ah! I like humour too :P

Hi! I’m Damiano, I’m 21 years old. I come from Italy and love my country but above all my city: Rome. I like it because you can feel art everywhere. I studied artistic sciences and my dream is to work as an actor in the show field. I really like drawing and I don’t feel old enough to see animation films.