Day 2

Day 2

The second day started with a very unusual task. Although it is summer, we played the Snowballs. Don’t worry, the snow hasn’t fallen – it was a kind of getting to know each other game.


After breakfast, the official opening ceremony was held. A bit later a teambuilding activity was held. We were divided into three teams and got different tasks, which helped us not only to know each other better, but also to get acquainted with the territory, where we live.


In the evening Belarusian team presented 5 peer-to-peer tours around Minsk, in which we allowed to take part tomorrow. After that we had one more teambuilding activity – a game called “Where is the chicken”. Tidy, but happy we enjoyed our free time before we got sleep. Expecting a new cool day coming!

Day 1

Day 1

Our first day started a little bit late (almost at night) because of the late arrival. Still, the meeting was organised in the best Belarusian traditions – folk dances, brad-and-salt ritual.


Although Zelenoe – is a wonderful place, it’s a good idea to discover it in the morning =-) After a dinner we felt asleep, expecting tomorrow morning coming.


04/08/17 – Lithuanian evening

AIDA - Quart de Poblet - 04/08/17

Lithuanian evening was one of the best days in this camp. We prepared everything really well to make this evening special. As a team, we worked hard to make people happy. We prepared some typical Lithuanian games and dances meanwhile we cooked. We played with water balloons and towels in a volleyball game, it was like a war! (A good one of course!). We also played a game with cola where you had to flip the plastic cup after finishing your drink and another, where one person had to collect clothespins from the other person’s clothes while being blindfolded!4_2

We prepared traditional Lithuanian food: ‘saltibarsciai’ (Cold soup), ‘kotletai’ (meatballs), ‘tinginys’ (chocolate with cookies).



After dinner, we had a little party in the place where we had dinner.


Everybody said it was a great dinner in next morning’s what’s up round!

03/08/17 – Town hall & Youth Centre

ÁLVARO - Quart de Poblet - 03/08/17

Today was the day of the visit to the Quart de Poblet Town hall. There, we had a meeting with three councilors, who were really happy for trusting in Quart de Poblet for this project.


After, we went to Quart Jove in order to know the functions of that youth centre. We visited the three floors. One of the workers, explained us everything and she encouraged us to forming part of Youth Centre’s projects.


After lunch, everybody went to their respective Workgroups :

  • In Media Group, we were taking pictures of the others groups and planning what we want to do.
  • In Building group, they worked hard under the sun in the Sports Center of Quart de Poblet with César and Rosana.
  • In Kitchen Group, they made some sandwiches because they had no time to prepare anything more.


To finish the day, a Padel game happened in San Onofre pitch including a huge bet. The game was Manu and Álvaro against Vytautas and Till. The losers were Manu and Álvaro. They have to dress as a girls and also Álvaro have to be clean-shaven. That was a funny game!

Besos, Álvaro.