05/08/17 – Vamos a la playa !

05/08/17 – Vamos a la playa !

LOUISA - Quart de Poblet - 05/08/17

Beach, Barraca, Boots tour

We as EWOCA family spent a nice afternoon in El Palmar on Saturday, the 5th of August 2017.1

There we drove to the beach us to cool down. The water was pleasantly warm and we had a lot of fun together.  Then we drove with a boat out on the lake to look at the sunset. The name of the lake is Albufera.

The captain told us about the rice fields and the lake. The lake had 30,000 ha before 25,000 ha had been cultivated for rice fields and on 2,000 ha, roads and buildings have been built. The lake is connected to the Mediterranean Sea and consists of mixed sweet and salty water.  The captain then told us when the rice fields were dry and when they were harvested. We also visited the last original Barraca, a traditional old house, made of clay, straw and bamboo.


04/08/17 – Lithuanian evening

AIDA - Quart de Poblet - 04/08/17

Lithuanian evening was one of the best days in this camp. We prepared everything really well to make this evening special. As a team, we worked hard to make people happy. We prepared some typical Lithuanian games and dances meanwhile we cooked. We played with water balloons and towels in a volleyball game, it was like a war! (A good one of course!). We also played a game with cola where you had to flip the plastic cup after finishing your drink and another, where one person had to collect clothespins from the other person’s clothes while being blindfolded!4_2

We prepared traditional Lithuanian food: ‘saltibarsciai’ (Cold soup), ‘kotletai’ (meatballs), ‘tinginys’ (chocolate with cookies).



After dinner, we had a little party in the place where we had dinner.


Everybody said it was a great dinner in next morning’s what’s up round!

03/08/17 – Town hall & Youth Centre

ÁLVARO - Quart de Poblet - 03/08/17

Today was the day of the visit to the Quart de Poblet Town hall. There, we had a meeting with three councilors, who were really happy for trusting in Quart de Poblet for this project.


After, we went to Quart Jove in order to know the functions of that youth centre. We visited the three floors. One of the workers, explained us everything and she encouraged us to forming part of Youth Centre’s projects.


After lunch, everybody went to their respective Workgroups :

  • In Media Group, we were taking pictures of the others groups and planning what we want to do.
  • In Building group, they worked hard under the sun in the Sports Center of Quart de Poblet with César and Rosana.
  • In Kitchen Group, they made some sandwiches because they had no time to prepare anything more.


To finish the day, a Padel game happened in San Onofre pitch including a huge bet. The game was Manu and Álvaro against Vytautas and Till. The losers were Manu and Álvaro. They have to dress as a girls and also Álvaro have to be clean-shaven. That was a funny game!

Besos, Álvaro.

02/08/17 – Hopes and Expectations – Visit to QUART DE POBLET

SIMON - Quart de Poblet - 02/08/17

After we spent the first night in Spain, we talked about our hopes and expectations for the camp. Till, the German head Teamer, gathered the entire group and explained, what to do; in a bit of private time in silence, every participant and teamer took a little “post it” and answered two questions: What do I hope for the Camp/ What do I want to see? and What am I willing to do, to make this happen/ What can I do, to make our last ewoca³ year as awesome as possible?

After everyone had some time in private, we met again with the group and we talked about, what we have written down. After one had read his notes, he put them on a wall in the gym we’re staying in, to save them for the camp.

It took us quite a while, because we translated everything in English, Spanish, Lithuanian and German, but it was a really intense and honest time, and it felt really good to see, how everyone was listening patiently to everyone’s wishes. All the participants made really nice wishes, about respect fun and of course staying in touch with their new friends.

All in all it was a really good experience that showed how the participants grew since the first camp.

After this very nice and sincere moment together; participants took to the streets of Quart de Poblet to know more about the town and the population with a fun gymkhana!




With this amazing beginning, I think the next days will be very good too.

I want to see how this year the family is getting stronger!!

See you soon guys!

Simon <3


01/08/17 – First day in the camp – BIENVENIDOS !

RUBÉN - Quart de Poblet - 01/08/17

God, I am really excited, I start another EWOCA again. This is the reason why I want to immortalize these days together with my friends in this “diary”.

Arrival - Airport
Arrival – Airport

I have many nerves to see my friends again and feel the same emotions that I felt a long time ago. The first day in the camp, teamers and participants from Spain met at the Ramón Laporta School to prepare everything necessary to the arrival of the German and Lithuanian group. I saw my friends as nervous as I was, and it reassured me. We all wanted to feel like an international family for the next 15 days!!!

Arrival - Camp
Arrival – Camp

After we prepared everything, we had dinner at the picnic place, where we stayed until 23:30 talking and organizing activities for the camp. After that, we came back to the school in order to wait the Lithuanian and German people, who arrived really late to Spain.

The teamers and also some parents of the participants went to the Valencia Airport to pick them up. They arrived to Ramón Laporta School at 1:00 am. The welcome was really warm in every meaning, because we haven’t seen each other for a while and the weather was really hot. And of course we also welcomed the new participants that joined our group this year.

Arrival - First meeting
Arrival – We see each other after a long time

Today has been a very long but highly expected day. Tomorrow will be another day.

See you!


German Culture – Hiking – Pizza – Lithuanian Evening

German Culture – Hiking – Pizza – Lithuanian Evening

Hello again,

A lot happened in the last days. We didn’t even find the time to update the blog because we were so busy!

We shook off that we were tired and continued to enjoy ourselves.. DSC_3090

Part of the program was the german cultural evening. The german participants organized everything completely alone. They did a great job! They prepared everything in a relaxed and structured way, games, decoration, food and music. Every single person knew what to do. Therefore the party and the whole evening was a huge success and probably one of the best german cultural evenings in the ewoca history!

DSC_5184 DSC_5217 DSC_5268

The building group managed to finish the oven, we made our first self-baked pizza in it. It was delicious! :)) Now they are working hard to finish the benches and the place around the oven in time.

DSC_4955 - Kopie DSC_4513
DSC_4563 DSC_4793 DSC_4873 - Kopie DSC_4792 DSC_4913DSC_6195 DSC_6157DSC_5684

Day 10 – The Hike Trip

On the 10th day we made a hike trip around the Germantas lake. We were divided in two groups and received several tasks. The teamers were only with the group to help in case of emergency. We had to orientate by ourselves. Another task was to cook for ourselves, one group took the knives, forks and spoons and the other group took the food. The weather was perfect, just like we ordered it for such a day!

Both groups met after half the way, the boys collected wood and prepared the fire. Aida was really smart and just by herself built a three-leg-device to be able to hang the pot over the fire. After the dinner we continued our trip, it became cold and everybody wanted to get home as fast as possible.

After a few times of choosing the wrong way, we finally arrived at the outdoor center. Everybody was really relieved. Unfortunately the other group was missing because they lost the way so they arrived 45 minutes later in the camp. It was a tough challenge because of the different tasks like walking in silence for 30 minutes or with half of the group blindfolded. But again: We made it!

DSC_5613 DSC_5614

Lithuanian evening!!!
Finally it was the turn of our lithuanian hosts to have their cultural evening. As expected they put a lot of effort in all the evening. The decoration was awesome and all of the lithuanian participants were wearing their best outfits and looked gorgeous! 
DSC_5899 DSC_5900 DSC_5907 DSC_5924DSC_6015

To be continued.. Inauguration is waiting!

More than 100 km by bike – Nida and back in two days!


We did it!!

We went on a bike hike to Nida and travelled more than 100 km (some people over 120 km) by bike. For some participants it was the first bike hike and even the first time riding a bike.
It was a tough challenge but everybody made a great job and can be really proud of him or her! DSC_3834Gruppenbild am Strand

We have grown a lot.. DSC_4054

Like superheroes..DSC_3972

And set foot in undiscovered places.. DSC_3983

And although we felt that we are not used to sit on a bike for such a long time..DSC_4147

And were really exhausted to our limits..DSC_4089

We were still able to smile and enjoyed our lifes! :))DSC_4396DSC_4086

We even had visitors in Nida and celebrated a participants’ reunion of the last ewoca period!
As a reward for all the hard work we got see a lot of beautiful places!

So we proved it! Europe Works! 

Update: Impressions of the Camp in Telšiai!

Building Group

DSC_2488 DSC_2493 DSC_2508

Media Group

Title Page of The Newspaper

Representative for the work of the care group, here some pictures of the Spanish Cultural Evening. Thank you so much for the delicious food you prepared and all the energy you put in the preparations! The evening was awesome!

DSC_2599 DSC_2608 DSC_2614 DSC_2761 DSC_2828 DSC_2853 DSC_2855 DSC_2862 DSC_2966 DSC_3030

You ask what we do in the evening as a reward for the hard work?
We went to Telšiai and our Lithuanian hosts showed us the most beautiful locations in the city!

DSC_2319 DSC_2320 DSC_2416 DSC_2303

Arrival and First days in Telšiai!

So happy to see you again! After long trips to Lithuania and the outdoor center in Džiuginėnai (especially for the spanish Team – 13 hours!!) we met again in the midde of the night! Everybody was very very tired but was also looking forward a lot to it!


At the first day we introduced the new participants, experienced the place, the surroundings as well as the rules and played some games to get to know each other even better!


After a nice evening with tasty food we started with the first regular day of work. Our outdoor oven looks more and more like it should in the end. We made new benches for the group and soon we will be able to shower outside too!

DSC_1769 DSC_1787 DSC_1796

If everything goes well we will visit the City of Telšiai this evening!

Greetings Saludos Gruesse Sveikinimai 




Enjoying the Pre-Camp-Time in Telšiai

Perfect Teamwork in the Preparations!

Our Lithuanian hosts worked like crazy to welcome the spanish and german groups in the best way possible. 8 to 10 persons worked for five days to make us guests feel comfortable. As you can see it didn’t feel like work to them but they really enjoyed to work together as a team!

It feels good to feel this warm welcome in a foreign country!

Thank you Team Lithuania! More to come soon…