A last posting from our camp!

On Thursday we went to Schladern, to climb the mountain with the ruins of Castle Windeck on top. Dense fog arround the ruins created an unique sight and allowed us to take many great pictures. Before going back we had a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in a place called “Im goldenen Spinnrad” (“Golden spinning wheel”).

DSC_8439 DSC_8452
A cooperative challenge in the afternoon required a lot of patience and tolerance for frustration: the group had to escape a small area without touching the ropes that where encircling it – in adventure education this excercise is also known as “henhouse” (?!?).
On Friday we traveled to Bonn.
With amazing weather we visited a lot of point of interests like the “Poppelsdorfer Schloss” and the “Bonner Münster”.
A highlight for our participants with an interest in culture was the House of Beethoven and the Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn, at which historical characters like Marx, Nietzsche and Adenauer studied.
We had another highlight on Saturday: a tour with canoes on the “Sieg”. We started in Eitorf in boats with a 2- or 3-man crew on the relatively quiet river. Although it was the first time for many, we all arrived our destination Blankenberg after several hours and only some wet feet.

DSC_8555 DSC_8539 DSC_8529
After an amazing dinner we met for our last evening in the auditorium of our house. After an intensive feedback with lots of laughter every nation presented their country for one last time: there were specialties from all countries, we sang and laughed. Afterwards we turned up the speakers one last time and spent a long night together.

The last days passed in a wink and after our ukrainian participants headed home on this Sunday morning we slowly began to realize that our time here is almost over.
We got used to get up in the morning and to be surrounded by all those new personalities in our life.
We got used to start the day with a mutual breakfast.
We got used to communicate in other languages.
We got used to spend our time together and deal with everything in a team.
We got used to have so many different people around us who were interested in our stories, interests and problems.
And although we were so different we got used to the fact that our origins and our oddities, cultural differences and politics do not matter for what we did.
Despite our diversity we are all alike and it became clear that cooperation matters more than anything else.

Finally we achieved our great goal for this project: with tireless effort our selfmade birchbark-canoe was finished tonight. We are really happy and proud about that! A very special thank goes to Vaslii, Tjoma and Evgenii who worked so hard and guided the all other participants in working on that beautiful product. To be part of the building process was an amazing experience, espacially when you know that every little part of our boat is completely natural and handmade.

So tomorrow our paths seperate…at least for the next month ;-) We all would be very happy when we meet again in 2016 for our next camp in russia or ukraine!

Activities in nature

Activities in nature

Active rest is an integral part of our ewoca³ Camps . Participants have the opportunity to try their own capabilities in the scramble up on the cable and knot complex and overcome fears of heights which has faced some participants. Overcame fears of heights during climbing the beams was a mandatory task , because only that way it was possible to overcome the climbing up. For most of participants it was the first time they were on such rise ,so together work have to be coordinated and operational. For participants was necessary 100% of trust for each other to make a sally . We can not forget about the insure team , they had a special responsibility. At the right time they have to weaken or tighten the rope. Before making pre-lifting ,all participants were detailed instructed of safety.

Mist , dispersed fog and fabulous autumn forest creating a special atmosphere that encouraged participants to climb up and enjoy this beauty from bird`s eye view.

DSC_7808 DSC_7764 DSC_7731 DSC_7722 DSC_7717  DSC_8052 DSC_8047 DSC_8030 DSC_8036 DSC_8047 DSC_8056 DSC_8066 DSC_7944 DSC_7947 DSC_8028 DSC_8020 DSC_8014 DSC_8008 DSC_7995 DSC_8002 DSC_7982 DSC_7959 DSC_7952 DSC_7884 DSC_7905 DSC_7909 DSC_7912 DSC_7918 DSC_7933 DSC_7936 DSC_7945 DSC_7878 DSC_7867 DSC_7844 DSC_7838 DSC_7817 DSC_7807 DSC_7790 DSC_7770 DSC_7685 DSC_7703 DSC_7708  DSC_7738

The first week of camp activities has gone.

The first week of camp activities has gone. During this time three national groups became the only (single) organism that works very concertedly and efficiently. Team work (collaboration) and rest time(recreation) contribute to peaceful relations and mutual adjustment ,both within the program and their spare time. Preparation of food in interethnic groups makes it possible to learn how to cook new recipes and promotes the study of language and communication through non-verbal methods.

There is a desire to bring its own stake in the organization of free time and to teach something new of our new friends. Evening of traditional dances attracted all participants for learning new steps and feel the pleasure and pleasant fatigue after hours of classes and the realization that you can now boldly take part in all dances amusements. Kayaks structure of natural materials is quite a new thing for most participants and now all waiting to complete the process to ensure the reality on their own eye. The outer shell of kayak is formed from the bark of the birch that crosslinked with roots of spruce and the inner side is made of stabs plates of the middle part of trunk.

Friday night was expecting us with a pleasant surprise. Girls from the duty group on the kitchen, able to turn ordinary interior seminar room to the cozy restaurant with an appropriate entourage and refined cuisine as to the conditions of the camp , candles and classical music.



We have started to do the canoe!!! We begin with the rope. Participants doing it by themselves. Firstly they take roots and boil them. Secondly they put roots and separate them into two parts. This is how we get the material with which we will fix other parts of the canoe.

DSC_6070 DSC_6049 DSC_6047 DSC_6044 DSC_6041 i2YNUGeDrcc DSC_6088 DSC_6072

In their free time, participants are encouraged to play team buildings games that form a team spirit and provide an opportunity to know each other better and closer.

DSC_5994 DSC_5995 DSC_6000 DSC_6006DSC_6146 DSC_6159 DSC_6157 DSC_6153 DSC_6007 DSC_5991 DSC_5960DSC_5944 DSC_5957In the EWOCA camp participants made a list of duties in the kitchen. Every day a mixed group of four people prepares meals for the camp. So every one can taste the meal and feel the characteristic flavour of each national cuisine.

Вітаю, Привет & Hallo!

Вітаю, Привет & Hallo!

We finally start! It was the most beautiful weather, when our participants from Germany arrived at Schönstein House in the town of Wissen. The youths from Ukraine already arrived the Sunday before. And on Monday evening, after a long day with lots of train travel, we also could welcome our guests from Russia. Of course everyone could at first get to their rooms, the first day was all about “relaxed arrival” :-)

And on Tuesday, today, the main course of action is getting to know one another: after a funny round of names, everyone developed an individual “website” about them and their preferences. During this, everyone could also try on a number of different costumes, and then print photos for inclusion into the website. This was also when our first group picture was made (shown above).

We are looking forward to the following days together, and soon we will be back here with more from our camp!