Weather report: 33 degrees celsius! Let’s go to Krakow!

Weather report: 33 degrees celsius! Let’s go to Krakow!

In order to expand on the evening yesterday, and to complete it, I will report: After everyone prepared their part, the BBQ was opened, there were three different salads, on from each country, and appropriate sauces. After dinner, there were three entertaining games, which also were prepared by the three countries.DSCF1855



Today was one of the most important days of the EWOCA camp. After the breakfast as usual, and the language animation, we took the bus to Krakow at 10:30. First, we visited the castle together, where the story with the dragon took place. Then we walked to the nearby restaurant, which had an impressive athmosphere. The restaurant was among the most beautiful I have ever visited, and ever eaten in. After lunch, we were all invited for ice cream and then we separated for free time, where everyone could spend their free hours as they pleased. In Summary, the day today was the best in the past two weeks.

Chantal,16 years old









Those who work hard, may also be a bit lazy!

Those who work hard, may also be a bit lazy!

Today was a relaxed day. We could sleep in until 13:00, then we had lunch. At 15:00 we formed two different teams, one making tshirts, the other holding a football tournament. However, the tournament was canceled, as a Polish participant got injured, so there was free time until 17:00. At 17:00 the participants either had to cook or prepare for the evening.

Sofia, 18 years old









Unbelievable – it is done!

Unbelievable – it is done!

After our breakfast today, we immediately went to the bus who drove us to the building site. We still had to finish some small things from yesterday.



Before and after lunch we had a rehearsal, we were all very excited, as we were expecting important visitors. These were parents, friends, and of course the mayor of Jaworzno. The mayor also brought the press, and photos and videos were made. The ewoca team, that is us, presented our project, on which we worked hard the previous days. After the mayor looked at our project, he gave all of us presents, as he thought we should receive some small token of gratitude. We thanked him, and then we unfortunately had to say goodbye, as he had a lot to do.



At our presentation we also had friends and family, which was more important. Everyone reported something on the project and the different points in the programme in their own language. In summary, this was an important day for all of us, and it was satisfying to see what beautiful things we managed to create in these short days.

Chantal, 16 years











Nearly done – our project is in its last stretch

Nearly done – our project is in its last stretch

After we mastered the German evening yesterday, we got up quite early today to drive to the building site. There was not much more to do, as yesterday was supposed to be the last day of work. Today, for the last time, we had to work and plant the flowers and other plants. We finished after about two hours with working in the garden, and then everyone had a pizza for lunch.



After lunch, we left some of our group at a swimming pool, and then visited a castle with the rest. After we had seen the castle, we went back to the accomodation, where, about an hour later, those who went swimming also arrived. At 18:30 we had dinner as usual, and at 20:00 everyone met to design Tshirts. Afterwards we had free time for the rest of the evening. In total this was a very nice day, which I very much enjoyed.










We stay industrious!

We stay industrious!

This morning, during language animation at 9:00, at first, like every morning, we talked if there is something bothering us or something else. Once this has been done, we walked behind the house where we played a funny game on the volleyball court.

After language animation, we walked to the waiting bus to drive to the school where we are working for some days now. Today we worked especially fast and good, we did a lot, and would have finished everything today. However, the flowers will only be delivered tomorrow, so we couldn’t finish everything. This will be done tomorrow, and won’t take much time.


We in the German group were invited by Klaudia and Stephan, our camp leaders, for a meal. Once we went back to school, we did not have to wait long for the bus to bring us back to the accomodation. We had to take a quick stop to buy some things, in order to finish the construction site tomorrow.

After dinner, there is nothing planned for the German, Polish, and French groups, so we all have free time for the rest of the day. In total, I quite liked the day, and I am wondering how the days left will turn out.

Tim, 18 years









City trip to Katowice

City trip to Katowice

After breakfast, there was, as usual, language animation. This time it was funnier, as we played a game called “Samurei”. After the game we went to Katowice, to the Museum Sląskie, which was very interesting, as it dealt with the history of Poland and the region we are staying. After the museum we originally wanted to eat something, go to the cable car, and then to the open air museum, but the weather disagreed with us, and we had to cancel. Instead we had a bit more free time in the city, which also was not wrong. Many went to the shopping centre to eat or look at the different shops. After free time was over, we met again on the “rynek”, and as some of us were too early, we played the Samurei game from the morning. Once everyone was there, and we were ready to go, we left. As we had told the kitchen, we would do a barbecue, which was canceled for the rainy weather, we planned to order food. But the kitchen had misunderstood us, and so they prepared something for us. The rest of the day was free time. In total, I really liked the day, as we had lots of fre time, and also did something together in the group.

Ali, 19 years






The work is taking shape!

The work is taking shape!

One of the trainers named Yves unfortunately had to leave us. We will miss him and wish for a pleasant journey home. It was the birthday of one person from the German group and we sang a song in Polish, French, and of course German for him. We played a lot of pranks, and laughed a lot.


Following our breakfast, we returned to the building site, where the mayor of Jaworzno visited us. After his speech, we took a group photo with him and everyone from the project.

In total, today was a day with many events and lots of fun.

Erol, 22 years old











We get to know Jaworzno!

We get to know Jaworzno!

Today we could sleep longer, ‘waking up an hour later’.

We got up and had breakfast like everyday, but then we drove to a chapel named Betlejem, a beautiful chapel in the style of the artist Hundertwasser. Some of the group took part in the mass, while the others were in the workshop where the Betlejem community work themselves.


In the workshop, men recycled different materials and made wooden boards from them. The house used to be an old school, but the community altered the school to become a chapel and apartments. The priest told us that he and some inhabitants did a pilgrimage with tractors through France. He was inspired by a film, where two brothers, fighting against each other for a long time, were reunited during a long trip. The inhabitants very much welcomed us and gave us great food.

Then we went to the shopping centre in Jaworzno, but unfortunately had too little time to shop. Later, at 00:00 it was Ali’s birthday and we gave him a beautiful surprise ;-)

Sofia, 18 Jahre









A perfect day for working – the sun is shining!

A perfect day for working – the sun is shining!

The day began with a grand breakfast and today we had watermelon, hhmmm…. We are always talking until a few minutes to nine, when we have to be ready at the first level for our meeting. Energiser, Warming up, and language teaching are important parts of the meeting. Today we played a Samurai game. After the game I was finally really awake and had a lot more energy for the work waiting for us.


My group was tasked with creating a flower bed. As we only managed to clear half of the area from weeds yesterday, we had to continue today. Later we went to lunch, which interrupted our work, digging over the soil to mix it with nutrients and air. We had potatoes with salad and meat and a soup as well. Depending on your food preferences, there were Chicken, Pork, Zucchini, and a Chili-con-carne soup and a noodle soup. I liked the food, but I was happy with everything for now.



After we finished lunch, we went back to work. I did not work so much in tilling the soil, as it was heavy work, especially for the back. I should not put too much weight on my back for too long. In the end, we dug small holes for beams, which were then fixed in the corners of the field.

Then we went back by bus, and I was so exhausted I immediately fell into my beauty sleep. I reawakened with saliva in the corner of my mouth, and then had to look for my braces in the bus, I was about the last to leave the bus. Soon there will be dinner, and I am looking forward to it :-)

Marcella, 18 years old