Day 3

Day 3

The third day started with a big teambuilding game. We cooperated with each other and coped with all the tasks. We shouted a video with local people saying “Yes, we camp”. We studied to count from 1 to 10 in three languages: German, Italian and Russian. We also created costumes from natural materials and made a team photo with the emblem of EWOCA. The finniest moment was when we were to brush each other teethDSC_0416 standing in a circle.

Still, it is only the beginning. During the second part of the day we had peer-to-peer tours in the Minsk. Different tours for people with different interests – that’s the key to success. Look how it was!


After 12 pm we… made one girl cry. Why? It was a great birthday surprise! EWOCA creates unforgettable memories =-)


Day 2

Day 2

The second day started with a very unusual task. Although it is summer, we played the Snowballs. Don’t worry, the snow hasn’t fallen – it was a kind of getting to know each other game.


After breakfast, the official opening ceremony was held. A bit later a teambuilding activity was held. We were divided into three teams and got different tasks, which helped us not only to know each other better, but also to get acquainted with the territory, where we live.


In the evening Belarusian team presented 5 peer-to-peer tours around Minsk, in which we allowed to take part tomorrow. After that we had one more teambuilding activity – a game called “Where is the chicken”. Tidy, but happy we enjoyed our free time before we got sleep. Expecting a new cool day coming!

Day 1

Day 1

Our first day started a little bit late (almost at night) because of the late arrival. Still, the meeting was organised in the best Belarusian traditions – folk dances, brad-and-salt ritual.


Although Zelenoe – is a wonderful place, it’s a good idea to discover it in the morning =-) After a dinner we felt asleep, expecting tomorrow morning coming.


Day 12: Roma trip

Day 12: Roma trip

What a nice day! We visited Colloseum, Vittoriano museum
and then we made a short break in the park,IMAG4534IMAG4552








before we divided into two groups:
first group visited Vatican City and the other group stay at Rome to visit some places again and went to the shops.





In the evening we met with another EWOCA camp to exchange our experience and take some ideas for our Final Event.

Day 11: Parco dei Monti Aurunci

Day 11: Parco dei Monti Aurunci

After a little energizer we had a trip to another famous place in Itri. The journey started with a small description of the Park, after which we had an excursion. IMAG4479

Then we had a handicraft lab, where we made some accessorize from ‘’stramma’’ grass.IMAG4510




After we came back to the camp teams continued working on their projects. Hope, we will finish soon.IMAG4429

Day 10: it’s time to relax!

Day 10: it’s time to relax!

We woke up at 7 o’clock, but it wasn’t a problem –  we went to the sea!!







We were looking forward that day from the very beginning, and finally it happened! It was the best day ever! The weather was really pleasant and the sea was amazing.


Although we were really tired when came back, our evening was full of events because of Belarusian intercultural night! Their team prepared quiet a lot of games, including their “Rucheiok”.image-0-02-01-835f752daad00b95e11bd063678d656975218329681bcf696aad3adc192b5e7a-V

We danced and did compliments to each other. Finally we got gifts and tried Belarusian food.


Days 7, 8, 9: Keep working

We were devided into 4 groups to work with our team leaders.
There were 4 different projects: shadow pictures, benches and tables, bird houses, garden installations. We asked team members about their projects:

IMG-20160801-WA0169Julia (Benches and tables group):
During summer camp we had workshop on the topic of sustainable development, so we were really inspired to do something socially useful and at the same time eco-friendly. That’s why we decided to build benches and tables from recycled materials. These materials we had found on the territory of the school where we lived. Finally we had made 5 benches and 2 tables. Now they stay in their school garden and take part ibenchn installation that another group made.






Ira (Shadow pictures group):
Shadow Pictures was our art project. Main idea of it was to show our international unity. In working group there were participants from each country. Our picture was drawn at the metal gate of Esplora rtttoffice and it symbolizes the maid idea of Esplora image-0-02-01-210596e45d5ba56be9fab4741bfa7c3764b6e8f4368d2c672b6f2094b44a7020-Vorganization.







Giada (Garden installations group):

As you know, we lived at school. We wanted students to know and remember us, that’s why we decided to retain something special in school garden. We started our work after ‘’street art workshop. IMG-20160801-WA0056We think, children will IMG-20160801-WA0039like our installations.






Vlad (Bird houses group):

Our project was connected with previous one. In our country building bird houses is a common experience. We wanted to share it with members from other countries. Hope, our houses would become an important part of garden installations.IMG-20160801-WA0080jjj








During the 9th day in the evening we had a good opportunity to relax because of Geman intercultural night.13882104_1017938388305508_6961098799804652842_nWe got acquainted with german culture,learned some history facts, played games and tasted popular german food , even had a sport competition,
It was the best way to relax after working time13903292_1017938551638825_4896217505496979119_n