Süsel workers

Süsel workers

The second day of our wonderful camp started early in the morning. Participants enjoyed breakfast at 8:00 am and were getting ready for the day. One of our experienced trainers carried out an energizer, in order to get some energy for the group. Competition between teams topped high levels, inspiring the youth workers.

Next, participants were divided into different work groups and assigned tasks. The first group had to paint a house on the outsided. They were colsely followed by the team leaders of the camp. In the meantime, five other participants were working to the viking ship, being helped by an expert in building ships. Last but not least, another group was taking care of mowning the lawn and clean the surroundigs.

The work finnished at 5 o’clock and the youth workers were chilling around, playing basketball and other sports. Shortly after, we had a tasty dinner together and we were sharing the experiences from the day.

In the evening, all the participants circled together around the camp fire, warming up and playing different games. Close to the midnight, one by one, the tired youth workers went to sleep in their tentsm recharging their batteries for a new day.


Our team working at the wiking ship


We are painters.


Battle with blackberry


Working with metal, stone and wood

The first week is over and the preparations for the final exhibition have already began. During the first week the group visited all three workshops on the use of wood, metal and stone for artistic purposes.





On three different days, the team divided in three groups met their teachers and made with their help some great art work out of these materials.



The participants showed great enthousiasm on working with these materials and the results of the art work was astonishing. The groups as well as their teachers enjoyed the time we had there and left the place satisfied.





The workshops took place in the “Other Music Academy” in Weimar, where we were also offered coffee, cakes and lunch on some days of the programme. The atmosphere there was really inspiring and the personnel was kind and willing to help.


After the first week and the first three workshops the group had to decide with which material they will work on for the upcoming exhibition on Saturday. The interest for all three materials was big and the work started on Tuesday.


The exhibits are almost done and the group is looking forward to the exhibition.

Non-formal education sessions about sustainability, values, diversity and future

During the first week of our workcamp, the group expierienced non formal education through various sessions in the training room of EJBW. The topics were about sustainability, values, diversity and how we see our future in Europe.



The first session was about values. The task for the group was to brainstorm and give definitions for different aspects of values like tolerance, friendship, family, safety, individual responsibility. Afterwards, the group splited in smaller ones and discussed further the definitions they gave.



The next topic was sustainability. The group splited again in smaller ones and the task was to perform  a short theatrical play focused on the topic.



In the beginning of one session the leaders of the Greek team had the idea to bring the group closer through a language animation game based on the three alphabets (greek, latin, cyrillic) used by the participants of the camp.



Another session was about diversity and social exclusion. Through an experimental game the participants challenged themselves in a real life situation.


Excursion in Erfurt

Day 8 was a free day and the whole group went to visit the capital of Thuringia, Erfurt.


First stop was the Old Synagogue, where we had a guided tour. The oldest parts of the building date from the 11th century and the medieval  building is preserved to a remarkable degree, including the roof. The building was used for purposes other than worship for many years.





Afterwards we went to Krämerbrücke, a bridge completely covered with dwellings, were we had time for taking some awsome photos.





At the end we had some free time in the center of the city. Some of us prefered to visit local museums and the rest the shopping area of Erfurt.



Trip to Buchenwald





Today the group  had the chance to travel to Buchenwald, where a former concentration camp exists. The participants were really excited to learn about the history of this camp, its use through the second world war and the years after.


The moments we spent there were really touching and informative at the same time. At the following photos you can see some places of the camp, where the inmates were treated really badly. After the excursion, one thing is sure. As long as it is up to us, we won’t let the history repeat and keep the memory alive.


Excursion to Climbing Park

Today in order to make a teambuilding activity to strengthen the bonds between the group members we went to a climbing  park close to Erfurt. The time we spent there was incredible and all of us enjoyed  the sport activities as for many of us this was the first time to try something like that.



Some of the group began with elements of low difficulty but there were many of use who even tried the most difficult one.



The teambuilding activity was totally successful and everyone is looking forward to do it once again!