Stand up for our Water

Stand up for our Water

During the camp we worked actively on the subject of sensible consumption of Water, how to protect with everyday simple actions our waters, the marine litter and debris, oil spills, trash currents in the Ocean. Through the process we have created our own vision wall.

21167172_513924895608877_5863902823495853790_o  Firstly, each national country reflected on the topic and created 3 unique presentations! Then we created small groups and did brainstorming-writing and each group presented their ideas for the fresque. Then the whole tribe was assembled and through democratic procedures we concluded in developing three main ideas. Four participants-volunteers with relevant experience were selected to be the “Creative-designers”

The next two working days, the designers brainstormed even more, did individual drafts, discussed about the vision, the technical material needs, created the frame and the scales, found a strategy to organise the rest of the alternating groups who did the most of the background fillings. According to every individual potential, responsibilities were taken by the designers:


Ole was responsible for the landscape design, the 3D effect and the beginning of the sand, the beach and the waterfront that gradually transforms from 3D to 2D and then turns in depth. He gave a minimal aspect to his part of the painting and he expressed with a minimum human footprint on the beach by choosing to show the rights of animals to enjoy the beach and the joyful human action in balance with nature.


20915438_511369829197717_558032570250720524_nJaime designed and applied the end of the fresque with two flows of water running…he said “the dirty dark polluted water brings us down in decline, it literally brings us down. The spring pure clean water that flows upstream is elevating again humanity and all creatures on Earth, it rises us all up!!” This was his idea and connected the vision all together with his visionary mind and heart.


21078595_513926005608766_7410842523901797675_nChloe was responsible for sketching, drawing, creatress of the main creatures! The XRAY Whale with trash in the belly, the Oil tank sinking in the deep of the ocean,the lonely tortoise, the oil spilling like a dark monster, the toxic chemical barrel.. all results of the carelessness of the previous generations. She said: “I want to end with Our Vision, our generation does not accept the threat as the end of the story, we can see the situation that is given to us in the past through the histories, the Now through our eyes, ears, nose,, skin and mouth,through our experience but for the Future we ensure to see our vision for clean water and a world in Peace and with Respect for each other, this is how we want to end the story on this wall!”

21077757_513926312275402_6336919989925065129_nPanagiotis was the creative director of the project since he made all the shades and transitions of the colours and the depths. He was always there from start to end to support us all and create more and more colours for the “hungry” background fillers. The wall was long and difficult to work on since the surface wasn’t always as smooth as we would like. He was also one of the creature creators who made the coral reef, the octupus, the sea turtles and lots of other details.

After a long debate on the designers table about what will be the main Atmosphere of the painting…Do we want to see our vision manifested in our painting or we take the imminent threat in the form of fear and continue vibrate so low?

This conversation was deep on the table with the young artists.It brought productive conflict, everyone had to face his/her inner position. He said although he feels the threat strong: “There is an undercurrent in the sea, you cannot see it how it moves but its there, the same current that moves the trash in spirals in the oceans.This can be the Current of Change, the current that transfers, moves the trash away, collects the oil and the chemicals out of the water and purifies it out of the picture.The purple under-current starts from a particular depth in the painting…clean and in some point collects the remains of an old harmful attitude of Humanity…When it reaches the 3D end of Jaime, with the water downstream and the water upstream, in a spiral and purified by Our Vision”

21078398_513925338942166_385807207749665425_nFillers were the rest of most participants who supported  the process by filling backgrounds, moving material every day, adding details and their visions, having fun altogether!

21077616_513926358942064_4410419486795790488_nOlivia and Mary were the coordinators of this project and stayed all through the long and fruitful process supporting the young artists and balancing responsibilities.

Mary said ” Working with these amazing young artists is a blessing.I thought I am there to guide them but instead I was guided to a journey of Gratitude.Observing just the process and holding the frame so the new generation can express as fully as possible!I was astounded so many times with their ideas,their professionalism their growth in the last three years, their visions, their music, fun and response ability!I was taught to listen, to stay back and learn from the interaction with them.Thankful”

One important aspect was the interaction with the users of Lazaret.Since it is Summer and peoples minds and bodies in the south and all directions are searching for the water to balance the heat. The Wall of the fresque was connected with the tunnel under a road that connects Lazaret with the beach.People were passing all day long while we worked.

In the beginning we thought that this will be challenging.The contrary!!! It felt amazing to work and interact with so many different social groups in so many different languages and cultures. Children passing and we could hear their voices “C’est Jolie, c’est bon, une balegne!” People asking who we are, what we do, who funds us, language lessons on the spot, elderly enjoying and observing the process, participating even in the making..showing us where to improve or express it more clear… An amazing intercultural experience the location of the Fresque!

20915158_511387615862605_7139642650716300803_nAnd to conclude, in gratitude to the Ewoca project in its entirety and all the funders : The German Ministerium for Women, Children, the Elderly and the Youth, The Ofaj, the Innovation Fund, The Erasmus+, the IBB who supports us with great trainings, holding the frame and the spirit of Youthwork risen up. We decided after our “Train the Trainer” last experience as a team to apply active citizenship in an already planned project the last minute because we were really changed and touched after the relevant workshop. So the fresque organisation was based on the principles Ewoca Trainers infused in us last June. So we changed our view and realised that the project turns to be deeper and highly substantial, motivation is genuine when we do not dictate everything but give responsible freedom of expression by teaching the process through experience. So yes Thankful for the Ewoca Trainings and Intercultural sharing!

Canoe Trip!!!!

Canoe Trip!!!!

And the big day came!!!

Time for Canoe..firstly we got trained to go out in the open Sea and the Channels.This is a quite different experience form the canoe in Brunne..But we also grew older now. The trip lasted for 3 hours…Part of the group returned back after an hour and half…some got seasick, some got a sunstroke, some were very tired rowing…but the the rest continued until the end.


and for the ones who continued there was a challenge and a gift!!We got to see the Sea knights!! We passed with our canoes next to “Les Joutes” and we had the best view!!The festival greeted us officially and stopped until we passed through while the spectators applauded us!Amazing experience indeed!!




When we stopped kayaking and being dizzy walking on Earth, we went to Sete to watch the Joutes Festival…

oohhh yeah!! And we walked back 50 min on foot on top of everything!that was not so fun…hehehe but the jelly’s Mary brought us sweetened the way!

29th of July – Day Trip to Montpellier


Ja moin

Today we were in Montpellier and the sun was burning a lot (wait, I’ll get another pen) …

So to the beginning: to get up at 7:30 in the morning; They told us to be there in time for breakfast and at 8:30 at the bar.

So we got up at around 8:00, after which I prepared myself and went to breakfast to enjoy a hot cocoa and delicious cornflakes, as every day. Half asleep, we were divided and got some tasks to do in the city, as well as packed lunch. After the train journey, which lasted as long as the bus trip, we got our city leaders and were released into the groups. We had to find special places and explored the city. I was lucky because Chloe and Luisa were in my group. Both knew Montpellier well and we avoided a lot of searching time.

Each group also had a 5th task. Our task was to learn a 5th song by a resident, which was more difficult than imagined.

Afterwards we ate together the lunch packs and began our leisure time. During our leisure time, we chilled at a shady spot, which was too hot to make something right – at least for me and Niklas.

All the others were doing shopping. The evening I spent with fruit cocktails without alcohol and relaxed on the cliffs during the sunset with the boys.


– Jaime, 16 years, Germany

28th July : Archery lessons in between creative work

28th July : Archery lessons in between creative work

Today was an almost full day of work and creation.The workshop groups continued the work and reached the first goals. We started to paint the background of the wall and put the draft on the big scale. The barefoot path, the wooden games go on as well. And a surprise!!! Archery lessons!!!Yupieeeeee that was pure fun!


 mollky !! Pyrographing the numbers!IMG_3789
IMG_3790maxiflitzer assembling
IMG_3787a brainstorm for the fresque on the subject “Intercultural cooperation”

Archery lesson


And today also we had the midterm evaluation. Util now every other day we had a national reflection and the sandbox. We cannot believe that a week is already gone…snif

And we choose where to stand in every question.

IMG_3802we talked a la bouche@